BTA; It serves more than 100,000 guests every day at 18
airports in 15 different countries.

Content Designs

The Challenge

The fact that the company was located at the airports of different countries and that it needed high security and application standards greatly reduced the number of companies that could do the job. At these points, it was very important to digitize with different methods and to manage the contents in a healthy way. Different regulations of countries and certified technicians were required to go to these countries and install. It was necessary to manage all of them from a single center and comfortably.

After all these difficult conditions, high standards and the unending demands of our company, encountering a very positive and constructive attitude from Menureen once again increased our confidence in them. We will always seek this service quality from now on…

BTA General Manager

The Solution

Digital menu board products were used. A number of menu board combinations suitable for the area were made. All installation procedures were carried out by us.

The contents were designed to be displayed on the menu board screens. The company’s products and campaigns were discussed. Appropriate theme designs are presented. The broadcast list of the screens was prepared and planned. Immediate action is taken for price updates. Increase your sales with an eye-catching moving design!